Key Frame Cinematic Illustration with Alex Mandradjiev

Key Frame Cinematic Illustration with Alex Mandradjiev

Free Download Key Frame Cinematic Illustration with Alex Mandradjiev

English | 24 hrs | Video 1080p | Project File

In this course you’ll learn the art of key frame cinematic illustration for films from Alex Mandradjiev.

This course will consist of eight modules of on-demand lessons and demonstrations.

You’ll get instant access to all training and have the luxury of moving through the course at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can also download lectures and watch from anywhere without being tethered to the Internet.


In this course, the goal is to create good-looking and interesting cinematic illustrations. We will be focusing on composition, mood, lighting, and color. Assignments and topics covered will gear towards creating illustrated key frames that help tell a story moment for cinema. We will constantly be observing and studying film composition. The point is to surrender to what drives your imagination and inspires strong emotion. We want to express our ideas in an honest and intelligent way.

By the end of the course, you’ll:

Work with composition, mood, storytelling, and lighting & color elements.

Know how to analyze films and gather references.

Understand how to break down a cinematic shot.

Know how to work with sequential frames.


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