DELUTS Clog Neutral LUTs (Win/Mac)

DELUTS Clog Neutral LUTs (Win/Mac)

Free Download DELUTS Clog Neutral LUTs (Win/Mac)

Canon Log is one of the nicest logs to work with on cameras. I first used it with the Canon C300 then with the 1DC and C100. It grades very easily yet retains highlights and shadow information really well. With the C300 MKII, Canon introduced C-LOG II which was even better.

There are several LOG type profiles for the Canon camera and I first made one 7 years ago. Things have moved on since then and LOG camera profiles have really moved on.
I have developed 2 main profiles.
• CLOG Neutral (v1.0 & v2.0)
• CLOG 3

CLOG Neutral comes in two options, one with a highlight roll off knee that stays below clipping (v1) and one where its a little more pronounced (v2).

Files format: CUBE

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